Publications + Awards

RIBA Yorkshire Project Architect of the Year
RIBA Yorkshire Small Project of the Year
RIBA Yorkshire Regional Award
The RIBA Journal: The Awards Issue
RIBA East Midlands Awards 2018
RIBA East Midlands Small Project Award 2018
British + Irish Modern: New Houses an Old Houses Made New
RIBA East Midlands Awards 2017
RIBA East Midlands Conservation Award 2017
RIBA Yorkshire Award
Building Schools: Key Issues for Contemporary Design
RIBA Yorkshire Architect of the Year
Sheffield Design Award
RIBA Yorkshire Small Project Award
RIBA Yorkshire Emerging Architect Award
RIBA Yorkshire Award
The RIBA Journal: The Awards 2014
RIBA White Rose Award
Sheffield Design Awards: Small Project
The Architect’s Journal: RIBA Awards 2012
Northern Network Award: Gold
Architects’ Sketchbooks
‘Building By Design’ and ‘Spaces by Design’
Not Brave Enough; Building Schools for the Future – the Process and the Product
A Long Engagement; Wider benefits of sustained community-led regeneration
White Rose Award for Architecture
A Vocabulary of Engaging Practices: Reflecting on the work of the Bureau of Design Research
Cityscape Sheffield
Re-Designing Learning: Innovation, Imagination and Particpation in Barnsley’s Building Schools for the Future
A Quick Conversation about the theory and practice of control, authorship and creativity in architecture
The Architect’s Journal: Small Projects / Part 2
Primary Ideas: Projects to Enhance Primary School Environments
Primary Ideas, Second Thoughts
Learning By Design
What if? … A narrative process for re-imagining the city
AJ Specification