Our ongoing work with Central Park has covered a wide number of areas, from branding, to visioning a new entrance to the school, and most recently the development of a new welfare hub for the wider school community.

A new term, a new start. The incoming head teacher at Central Park School wanted establish a new identity for the future direction for teaching and learning. Our design of the school’s new logo arose from themes generated by a series of workshops with pupils throughout the school. It celebrates the school’s location, its multicultural population, friendship and aspirations of growth and potential.

Our work has helped to establish a new identity for the future of the school.

This work led onto a larger visioning project for the school’s buildings and in particular ideas for improving the entrance and reception area to reinforce the school’s new identity. A new entrance was proposed to act as an important signal to the changes occurring in the school, raising aspirations as well as being more welcoming. On a practical level, reallocation of space was key to improve working efficiency, provide increased storage space and a more comfortable working environment. A second phase of improvements was proposed to improve access and navigation through the school. These ideas focused on improved signage, making better use of circulation areas as additional teaching space, updating sanitary provisions and redistributing IT provision in accordance with current technologies.


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